Matt believes in focusing monetary resources on what is truly important.  He understands first-hand the budgetary constraints not only in preparing cases but also in leading attorneys and staff.  He practices responsible finances in his own life, and he plans to bring that mindset to the office of the Public Defender as a steward of our tax dollars.

In that spirit, Matt is seeking to get on the ballot by petition, rather than by paying the qualifying fee so that he is best utilizing his and his financial supporters’ funds.  He will need petitions signed by at least 1% of the voting population of the 7th Circuit, which includes Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns, and Volusia Counties to qualify for the ballot.  Our goal is to collect 10,000 petitions by March 2020 to ensure that we hit the 1% mark.

Use your Voice.
Be Heard.

Petitions to get Matt on the ballot must include:

  • the voter's name as it appears on his or her voter registration card
  • the voter's address
  • the voter's date of birth OR voter registration number
  • the voter's wet ink signature
  • the date of the wet ink signature

Why should I sign?

Signing is a quick and easy, non-binding way to exercise your civic power. Petitions are not ballots and do not require a petitioner to later vote for the candidate whose petition is signed. You can sign as many candidate petitions as you want though only one per candidate.
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Is my information secure?

Voter petitions are public record and may be released by the Division of Elections upon request. However, if you have a protected address it will be redacted to ensure it remains protected. Petitioners with a protected address may elect to put a business or other address on the form rather than the protected one.
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Can I sign electronically?

No. A wet ink signature is required. But it is easy to print and sign the petition then mail it back to us. You can also contact us to get one (or more for all your friends, family, and neighbors) to you and arrange to have us pick it up.
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Mail your petition:

Matt Metz Campaign
P.O. Box 7401
Daytona Beach, FL 32116

Contact Us:
(352) 256-6606

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